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The Future of The National Mall

Watch the fast-paced, informative video The Future of The National Mall in either Real Player, Windows Media or Quicktime formats. Learn the Mall’s history, its problems and needs, and our proposed solutions for a Third Century Mall. See what excited the enthusiastic support of The Washington Post and The Weekly Standard. Who else has seen it? Congressional members and staff, the media, National Park Service officials, Smithsonian officials and staff, DC parks and planning staff, and citizen groups in the DC area.

Chapter 1: The People’s Place [2:28]
Chapter 2: The First and Second Century Visions [3:01]
Chapter 3: The Mall Outgrows the Visions [7:08]
Chapter 4: An Optimistic Vision for the Third Century [5:41]
Chapter 5: Let the Mall Grow, Again [6:06]